Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Victoria's Farmhouse Bed (part 2)

Sorry for the delay....Camera battery died on me yesterday. 

I wanted to show you the rest of the steps I took to re-cover the bed.  I found the fabric at Wal-mart for 77 cents. 

I used a file folder because it was stiff enough for me to use on the fabric.   I used a gel pen to trace around the old piece of fabric onto the file folder.  You could use card stock too.
Lay the old piece of fabric out on the paper.  Then trace around it.  You may want to give it a light touch with an iron to get it to lay as flat as possible. 
Here you can see the pattern on the paper.  Then cut around the outline.  And it should look just like the piece of fabric you traced. 
Now, you have the paper pattern and the fabric piece.  Save the old fabric.  You never know when you might need it again...LOL! 

Taaadaaa! What do you think?  I really fell in love with this pattern and color.  It is much brighter in the light.   It gave me the feeling of being on vacation.   I think, I'm ready for warmer days and summer to be here! 
When tracing on darker fabric...I think a white chalk pencil would work great.   Make sure to lay your pattern on top of the best part of the fabric.  Where you get a better layout of the design.   I had to move mine around until I had a really good spot.  
The I layed the fabric of the mattress and covered it back the way it was when I took it apart.  But, this time I didn't glue it.  I used tape instead.  This way I could take it off and use different ones.   I would like to add some little pillows too!

Tell me what you think?  Do you like the color and pattern choice?   Thanks for looking! Hope to hear from you.  Drop a line in the comments section. 



  1. I like the rich green with the dark mahogany. I think the pattern is a little bold for miniatures but there is something about it that I find appealing....maybe it's the "tropicalness". Anyway, the fact that it is monochromatic seems to make the large pattern work overall. Pillows would definately be a great addition...big piles like in the design mags.

    I'm jealous your WalMart still has fabric. Ours "remodeled" last years and all the fabric and most of the craft supplies went away. When I first walked in, I thought I was in Target :-(.

  2. Thank you! I was worried that when I got the fabric home it would not work at all on the bed. I would love to add all kinds of little pillows shapes and sizes. I wish, I had a sewing machine. To add little details to the bedspread. Not very good by hand any more...LOL!
    Our Walmart is the only one around this area that has fabric still. They also, have a pretty large craft department. I think is only because Hobby Lobby sits right across the street.

  3. Mindy, rarely sew in nminiature, especially by machine because the stitches are way out of scale. Usually I's fast and it's easy. You can make the pillows by gluing also. Just becareful and use only tiny amts. For a pillowcase, I'll stitch small by hand, put a thin line of glue over the stitches and when dry, trim seam close to stitches. Then it can be turned right side out and looks great. You can glue a bit of lace to the open end. Experiment! See what happens!

    Apparently a Hobby Lobby is opening in our town in the Spring...

  4. I was wondering if sewing or gluing would be better. Thank you! I can't wait to give it try! : )

  5. I like the me kind of a jungle feeling :-)
    But I think the bed needs something more..maybe the pillows will do the trick, or you could put an bedspread at the end of the mattress??

  6. Margriet, I was thinking the same thing...maybe have one crocheted with some gold and maybe have the little pillows crocheted to.