Friday, February 4, 2011

New to Blogging!

Hi, My name is Mindy Max and I love Miniatures! I'm new to blogging and the world of miniatures. I started a few months ago.  I bought a dollhouse off of Craigslist for 40 dollars.  The dollhouse, I bought was Real Good Toys "Victoria's Farmhouse.   The dollhouse was not in perfect shape.  It was still in the box, but someone had tried at one time to put it together.  So, it has been a challenge to put together.  

Real Good Toys have been very helpful.  They sent me a new front gable that was broke when I got it out of the box and also, sent missing window parts.   Thank you to Real Good Toys. 

I hope that I can share my dollhouse and miniatures with everyone.  Until then have a great night.



  1. Hi Mindy Max! This is Johns mom. Your blog is very nice. I like it!

  2. Thank you Camel! Please come back often and tell me what you think. : )