Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Followers!

Hi! I'm so happy to see your here!  It is a great feeling to have people say that they will come back to share a common interest with you.  I have had a wonderful time looking and reading everyone's blogs, each different and amazing.  I hope as I go along, I will learn more about how to do blogs and be more creative online and in miniature life to share with each of you.   Thank you! 



  1. Just discovered you blog, Mindy. Welcome to blogland. Lots of nice folks here..helpful, too. I like the dollhouse you have...and despite the fact you have a few glitches due to the previous :owners:, it was a real bargain at $40. That kit retails at $300! RGT is a great company and they make a nice product. I have their Bostonian (still a WIP...). THe outside is complete but I still haven't done the foundation work. Yours looks very nice. I am planning to totally re-do the outside of mine and the egg carton stones might be just the thing for the foundation.

  2. Tabitha, Thank you! I would love to one day have the Bostonian. I was really hoping to find it on Criagslist. :( But, I have really fallen in love with this one.
    I really had a lot of fun doing the egg carton stones.
    I'm so happy to hear from you!