Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egg Carton Foundation

I wanted to do a rock foundation to my dollhouse. So, I did some research and found a lot of helpful sites on egg carton foundations.  I ripped the egg cartons into small looking rocks.  Then glued them on. I found out that it is better to go across, bottom up.  I got a better look that way.  Once they were all glued on, then I used eye shadow to make each rock stand out.  Brown and black worked really well.  Then, I put a couple of coats of gloss on each rock to keep the color from washing off.  Then, I used grouting to act as a filler between the rocks.  Wiped down a few times to bring the rocks out again.  Then I added a couple of more coats of gloss to the whole thing to bring out the shine of the rocks again.  
You can use just about anything you like for your dollhouse foundation.  Some people use little tiny bricks, or paper clay.  I have seen small rocks, broken china, buttons, or just paint.   The main thing is that each one is different and no two are alike.  That is what makes this so fun!  To explore what each person has done. There are some amazing and very talented people in the world of miniatures.  I have learned something new each day.  The one really important thing I have learned is.... I can daydream again. 


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