Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trash 2 Treasure!

I love the idea that you can turn anything that you find or have on hand into a miniature.  I have seen so many cool things that people have done with simple everyday items.  

I was looking around on the internet for something that I could use in my dollhouse to save some money.  And, I found this really cool site.  Believe me when I say this site is loaded with all kinds of information about miniatures.  I could stay there for days reading and looking at all the pretty things they have put together for the site.

The site is really full of all kinds of information about Dollhouse Miniatures,blogs, links and pictures of wonderful miniatures.  

I tried a couple of things from the site and they turned out so cute.  One was using half of a ping pong ball for a lamp.  Here is a picture of my attempt.  Not as good as the one on the site.  But, It was fun trying.

I cut it in half, then painted it, then added nail art and some findings.  You will find out how to do this and a lot more on   Have fun! 

Here is one more picture of a miniature I tried from the above site. 

Triple hook, beads and findings.  You can glue it all together and hang it from a chain.


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