Saturday, September 10, 2011

Looking inside of Victoria's Farmhouse

One of the hardest things I have ran up against is making up my mind on a certain look or style I want.   Or where a room should go.  That is one of the fun things about Dollhouses, they don't really have to fit into the norm of real homes.  It is a chance for us to think outside the box.  Have the house of our dreams.   We have visions of what we want...Then it takes on a life of it's own.  The is the rewarding part of dollhouses.
This being my first dollhouse owned or built, I wasn't sure what I wanted.  I started by looking online for something I could afford.  I found Victoria's farmhouse.   I was told it was new in box.  But, when I got it home and started to take things out of the box...I wanted to cry.   It had been put together a little bit.  And ripped apart to go back in box. They used nails to put it together.   The base was warped and almost broke.  The front gable was broke in half.  And windows and other items were missing. 
All hope was not lost.  Went online and found a lot of good information. Real Good
Toys helped also.  They sent me a new front gable and windows.   Thank you, Real Good Toys!
I painted the house.  Then, I found out that it helps if you put a layer or two of gesso on before painting...LOL!  Boy! Wood can sure soak up paint!
 I knew that this was my first dollhouse and that I was going to use it to learn with and become better as I go.  I decided not to have electric in it.  Instead, I found some really cool battery lights.  I love them!  Found them on Ebay.
So, know you know a little more about the history of this dollhouse.

During the painting of the inside.  I started to place furniture around.

Top floor- Sorry, the camera that I am using doesn't have a flash.

The other side of the top floor.  Or third floor.  One of the battery lights.  You can see, I still haven't put up wallpaper or flooring.  I'm thinking maybe green tile.  Not yet.

Some how I have lost all the pictures of the rest of the house.  I had pictures showing the different set up for each room.  Umm!  I will try to find and post them.  Sorry!



  1. It's all looking great! I love the furniture pieces you are using. You'd never know it was the first dollhouse you've ever built.

  2. Thanks for the history of your house. It appears that you do a great job. Like especially your kitchen!