Monday, September 12, 2011

Goofing off!

This weekend was a goof off weekend.  Money is tight.  Too hot to be outside.  I was looking around for something to do. 
I have been wanting a fountain for the outside of Victoria's Farmhouse.   I had tried different things but all the things I tried didn't work. 
Then I found it.  I looked at the shape, the size...Perfect!

Ok.  It might be a little gross...LOL!  I washed the plastic container, dried it.  Then, painted it with a layer of gesso.  Let it dry.   Put a couple of layers of gray paint. Then I found a tile print cut it out the size of the bottom and then glued it down.  I found a wedding decoration that would fit as a statue for the center of the fountain.  I haven't finished all the details on it yet.  My mom gave me a little baggie of really tiny sea shells.  I put them at the bottom of the fountain. 

Until this picture was taken.  I didn't see the glue..ops!  Will have to go back and clean that up. 
I'm not sure if it looks like a fountain.  But, it was fun to goof off.   Have a great day!




  1. It's perfect as a fountain! Miniaturists are the ultimate re-cyclers.

  2. If you want "running" water coming from the statue fishing line works really well. You can see the fountain I fixed up on my blog. I used clear dimensional gel (from the scrapbook section of the hobby store) to make the standing water at the bottom of the fountain. Your fountain looks great, btw. :)

  3. De and Eliana,Thank you! Great idea, I will try it out. : )

  4. Great idea! I love miniatures that are homemade.

  5. Thank you! I hope to be back up and running again soon. : )