Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to work on Victoria's Farmhouse.

I almost have all the painting done on the inside.  Every time I look at it...I find another spot I missed!  Still need to put carpets and flooring, wallpaper up.  I just had to play around and see how everything is going to fit.  


I have debated about where to put the kitchen.  I had already put black and white tile flooring in what was to be the living room.   I just wanted the kitchen one room.  The drawback....It is the entry to the house.  The photo below show it with the dining room behind it.
So, I put it where it should be....I didn't like that I could not see the dining room.  Loved how it was arranged. Excuse the cabinet doors.   So back to plan A.  In the Living Room it went.

I really liked it like this.....Darn Cabinet doors! Will not stay shut....LOL!  I found these two really cute dogs.  I thought this will work.  I can put an inland in to give it a more real like kitchen feel.   But, something didn't feel right.   I forgot that stairs......
In went the stairs.  I still have to paint them.  The fridge went under the stairs and the washer and dryer came out.  I added an island.  But, it is a cream color.  Will paint it white to match.   Kitty seems to like it!    Tell me what you think.  Do you like the change? 

This is the before photo.  
I put the living room where the kitchen was. Dining room to the back.  I didn't like it!   Hmmmm.  Where to put it.  Great thing about dollhouses.  You can change your mind and room in just minutes... : )    And change is good...Right?

Moved the dining room to the front and the living room back.  Picture is kind of hard to see.  Will try to get a better one. there is going to be a big bay window in front of the living room.   And a side opening to the right of the living room with a window also.

Found some really pretty wallpaper.  It picks up the colors in the couch set.   I think, the red carpet is going to go.  Still playing around with how everything is going to sit.     Tell me what you think.



  1. I like the "kitchen" you've ended up with a lot. It looks perfectly arranged. Many country kitches had a door off a large wrap was the one most folks used anyway.

    Putting the dining room in front of the living room makes it easier to see all the pretty dishes on the table and puts the "weight" of the room in the back where it is more apprealing to the eye (IMO). As for that opening to the right of the LR... Consider a nice door (with sidelights if needed to fill the space). It could be the formal but much less used entrance to the house. You could easily make a porch (covered or not) for that side of the house. It wouldn't extend it too much and could be made out of very lightweight materials. Just a thought.

    Your project is coming along so nicely!

  2. PS..In looking closer, I see that the opening to the right of the LR is part of a two-story side opening, yes? However, cutting that downstairs window opening large enough for a door is simple and that panel could still open totally if you made the porch only as large as the panel. I think it would be an interesting addition and you'd have the opportunity to learn to do a little "kit-bashing".

  3. I love this kitchen! beautiful furniture (especially the shelves for wine), a great floor, all very nicely composed. Looks like a real apartment.The house was decorated with good taste, I admire!

  4. Thank you Magda! Susan, I love the idea for a porch! Thank you for the input. Keep it coming! : )

  5. This helps me so much! Im currently working on Victorias Farmhouse also. Done with the build now im about to start lighting and floors and was having a hard time fiquring out what to do about space for kitchen. Do u have any other pictures of the house? Im having a hard time fiquring out where I want to put the bathroom and if i should make the space on the second floor where the access wall is a family game room? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Shannon, I will try to post some pictures for you this weekend. I been having a hard time with this also. I thought about putting the bathroom on the third floor or second floor...I just can't make up my mind...LOL! Then I keep switching back and forth on the kitchen.