Saturday, June 23, 2012

Something different!

Today, I took a couch that I had purchased from Ebay a year ago and almost threw it away. When I got it...I was upset at how bad it looked. It sure didn't look like the picture! It was very faded. The legs fell off as soon as I removed it from the box. It looked like it had been sitting in sun. I tried to take it apart. No! Then, I found some cloth that I had on hand from Walmart for 68¢. I thought what can I lose..a couple of hours time. I was bored any way. I have never re-done any furiture before. It was fun and I learned I can have more glue on me then the project. Here is my new couch! Love MMM

The above picture is what the couch should have looked like when I got it.  The bottom cushion was almost faded white.   


  1. I love it! I like the style of that sofa and I love the fabric and trimming you selected! Next time, perhaps you could remember to show the before pic. It's always fun to see what something looked like before the makeover.

  2. Thank you, Lucille! It is funny that you said I should have taken a before picture. Half way thru re-doing the couch...I remembered that I should! Let me see if I can at least find a picture of the original.

  3. Lovely work. It's great fun making things more the way you'd like to see them. Did you say you got covered in glue? Welcome to my world.

    Very effective fabric and finish - love it ;)

  4. Congrats honey